Hello, I am Fiaz Farrelly and welcome to my website

Allow me to present to you a carefully curated (by me) selection of work is available to view in all sections of my site. I've tried to be as specific as I can and hope that it all provides some insight into what kind of artist I am and the type of work I deliver.

Even if you're just here to browse, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time! I have a contact form on my website for any correspondence, job enquiries, print enquiries, requests or even just to say hello!


I am a creative professional who specialises in several different disciplines and fields


My expertise lies in graphic design (primarily image and typography), photography (several different types as can be seen here on my website) and videography (I used to be focused just on music videos but have since started to expand that realm too which can all be found in the VIDEO section


I am currently based in Ireland just north of our capital city, Dublin but being a seasoned traveller as well as having toured extensively with bands around our world no journey is too small for me

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