Good evening… 

I’ve sent my finished edit to Robb, I’m sitting here sipping tea with my little dog friend Buddy chilling with Of Kingdom And Crown playing yet again… this record is nothing short of fantastic. Talk about solid. Impenetrable and sounds like the entire Machine Head discography has been thrown into a blender with a few extra new elements and come out fresh as all hell, immediate, relevant, powerful, emotionally affecting, heavy as hell, crushing and above all, rewarding in it’s listen. 

Seeing the band in Dublin this past Tuesday was like receiving a jolt of adrenaline mixed with a zest for life I haven’t had in well over two years. Not that I can’t find it elsewhere, I’m just trying to illustrate what it is I get from this band’s musical output as well as them as human beings and friends in my life on this planet. I’ve been a die hard fan of their music now since the latter part of my 16th year in this life growing up in Southern Africa FAR away from anything like a live heavy metal show and still am now in my 42nd year. Growing up in Africa like that with so little access to the music I adored so made what I did have all the more important and created a hunger in me that hasn’t ever really dissipated. 

The show itself was yet another life affirming experience for me. A cacophony of Machine Head hits, so to speak with one new song thrown in. That fuckin’ brutal rager “Become The Firestorm”. I cannot wait to hear the other new material live.

I will never be able to explain the feeling I get when I hear an electric guitar blasting out of a PA at full volume or the thunderous drums, rumble of the bass guitar. It’s a majestic sound to me..  combine all the elements together and the all enveloping nature of the sound coupled with the feeling of the music THROUGH your body… it is one of those things in this life that’s unmatched. I’m still in bits today nearly 5 days later from head banging, jumping, stomping, running, photographing and filming. I won’t talk anymore, I’ll let my work do the talking… I hope you like the photographs, I really dig them. I found myself a little off my game after 2.5 years away from this but I am very happy. I’ll hopefully follow up with a nice, kick ass video in the next wee while… Thank you to Robb, Jared, Vogg, Matt, Jon, Larry and Rodrigo for your hospitality and such a great day.

Vogg, Matt and Larry, good to meet you guys. 

Robb, Jared, Jon and Rodrigo, great to see you guys again.. safe travels and see you again soon without a doubt. 

Love and respect,

Fiaz, September 2022

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